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  The Eagle Inn

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Please Note: We are currently in the process of updating our menu: The following menu may be amended by the time you visit. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Soup of the day                  £3.95                      Homemade chicken goujons  £4.95
Prawn cocktail                    £4.55                      

Garlic mushrooms              £4.50                      

Onion bhajis and dip          £3.95                    

Pate and toasted bread       £4.55


8oz Rump                          £8.50                      12oz Mixed grill                      £10.25

16oz Rump                        £16.95                    20oz Mixed grill                      £16.75

10oz Rib eye                      £13.20              (lamb chops, gammon, pork steak, rump, sausage, scampi, onion rings, mushrooms, eggs)

10oz Sirloin                       £13.95                    Grilled lamb chops (3)              £10.95

8oz Gammon                     £8.50                      Surf & Turf (Rump and scampi) £11.25

Eagle BBQ stack                 £11.25

(chicken, gammon, rump, lamb chop, 2 sausages, onion rings & bbq sauce)


Grilled chicken breast                         £8.20                   BBQ chicken melt                £9.95

Homemade chicken goujons with dip  £9.95                  Chicken & Ribs                    £11.95

Garlic chicken                                     £8.95                   Cajun chicken                     £9.50

Chicken princess                                 £9.50                  Caribbean chicken               £10.95

(chicken breast, asparagus, onions, cream and               (chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried banana and pineapple)

white wine sauce)

Kick Ass Chicken                                 £11.25

(chicken breast, chilli con carne & Cheddar)


Hand battered cod                            £9.50                      Grilled salmon fillet                                   £9.95   

Hand battered cod XXL                     £11.95                     Grilled plaice fillet                                     £9.50 

Breaded plaice                                  £6.95                      King prawns in batter, sweet & sour sauce  £10.50

Whole tail scampi                             £7.95                      King prawns Provençale                               £10.95

Homemade Cod Goujons                  £9.95

Main course favourites

Faggots & peas                                       £7.50                  Ham & eggs                                         £7.80

Homemade Chinese style chicken curry  £7.80                  Beef lasagne                                         £7.55

Homemade steak and mushroom pie      £7.95                  Homemade chilli topped with cheddar  £8.50

Homemade peppered beef                      £8.95                  Rack of ribs in BBQ sauce                      £9.95

Homemade corned beef pie                    £8.50                


Mushroom stroganoff                          £7.95                  Vegetarian lasagne                              £7.25 

Nut roast                                             £7.20                  Cream cheese and broccoli bake         £7.95


Tomato & Basil pasta                       £7.95                                     Creamy chicken & mushroom pasta               £8.95

Eagle Pasta                                      £8.95

(diced bacon, garlic, onions & tomatoes in a creamy white wine sauce)

                                               All pasta dishes are served with garlic bread.


Eagle burger                                  £8.95                                      6oz Cheese burger                                          £6.50

(6oz burger, bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce and cheddar)             6oz Hawaiian burger  (cheese and pineapple)  £6.95

6oz Plain burger                           £5.95                                       6oz Cymru burger (Black pudding & egg)         £7.95

Double up your burger                  £1.50                                      Add bacon or egg                                             75p


Peppercorn                            £1.95                                        BBQ                                    £1.95

Honey minted gravy               £1.95                                        A la crème                          £1.95

Red wine gravy                       £1.95                                        Gravy                                 £1.00

Diane                                     £1.95

Side orders

Garlic Bread                       £2.20                                          Naan bread                          £1.50
Garlic and cheese bread     £2.70                                          Cauliflower cheese               £2.70

Garlic mushrooms              £2.95                                          Side salad                            £2.50

Mushrooms                        £2.50                                          Coleslaw                              £1.10

Onion rings                        £2.30                                          Chips/Saute/Jacket              £1.95

Onion bhajis                       £2.35                                          Fried egg                             75p

Bread roll                            75p


Tuna mayonnaise/sweetcorn      £4.95                              Chicken tikka                       £5.10

Tuna melt                                   £4.95                              Cheese and onion                £4.50

Prawn marie rose                        £5.20                              Sausage and onion               £4.95

Ham and cheese                         £4.95

All served with salad garnish and crisps. Only Available 12-2:30pm

Jacket potato

Tuna mayonnaise/sweetcorn     £5.50                              Corned beef and beans    £5.10

Chicken curry                            £5.50                               Prawn marie rose            £5.50

Ham and cheese                        £4.95                               Beans                              £4.50

Cheese and beans                     £4.95                               Plain                                £3.95

Chicken tikka                            £5.10

All served with salad garnish. Only available 12-2:30pm

Main courses are served with a choice of chips, sauté, jacket potato, boiled potato, mashed potato or full salad and peas.

Some may contain traces of nuts or bone.

Gluten free

Chicken stilton and chick-pea curry       £8.95                            10oz Sirloin                                     £13.95

Chicken arrabiata                                   £10.95                          8oz Rump                                        £8.50

Grilled chicken breast                             £8.20                            Lamb chops in rosemary and garlic  £11.95

Grilled plaice fillets                                 £9.50                            Chicken stilton cream and port         £10.95

10oz Rib eye                                           £13.20                         Rice penne tomato and pesto sauce   £9.95

All served with a choice of chips, sauté, jacket potato or full salad and peas.